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Refund Policy for SealAI - Automated Twitter Outreach SAAS

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Updated: 15/1/24


Welcome to SealAI, an automated Twitter outreach Software as a Service (SAAS). Our Refund Policy outlines the terms and conditions for requesting and processing refunds for our services. By using SealAI, you agree to comply with this Refund Policy.

Refund Eligibility

Refunds may be requested if SealAI fails to provide the specified services as outlined in the subscription plan. Refunds may be considered in the case of technical issues or disruptions that significantly impact the functionality of SealAI.

Refund Requests

Users must submit refund requests in writing to [email protected] within 7 days of the issue occurrence. Refund requests must include a detailed description of the issue, relevant account information, and any supporting documentation.

Refund Evaluation

SealAI will review each refund request to verify its eligibility and the reported issue. Users will be notified of the status of their refund request within 14 business days of submission.

Refund Process

If a refund is approved, SealAI will process the refund within 14 business days using the original payment method. If a refund request is denied, users will receive a detailed explanation of the decision.

Cancellation and Termination

Users may cancel their subscription at any time, but refunds are subject to the terms outlined in this Refund Policy. SealAI reserves the right to terminate services in accordance with the Terms of Service. Refund eligibility in such cases will be determined based on the circumstances leading to termination.

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding this Refund Policy, please contact us at [email protected] By using SealAI, you agree to the terms outlined in this Refund Policy. It is essential to review this document periodically for any updates or changes.